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     "Setting the Gospel to Music"







By Ron Burlingame and Lewis & Lewis

Story by Ray Lewis

          A few years ago, our friend Ron Burlingame and I were having lunch at a Nashville restaurant. The news had just broken about President Clinton and Monica Lewinski.

          We were venting our disgust to each other about the moral failure of our President. Shortly after lunch, I had barely returned to my office when I received a call from Ron. He sounded somewhat subdued compared to the bombastic condemnation we had lavished on the President only a few minutes before.

          In essence he told me that God had really convicted him about being so critical when he had never mentioned the President's name in prayer. He suggested that probably many were just like us...quick to criticize but never considering that we had a God-mandated duty to pray for all those "who are in authority." I Tim. 2:1-2

          We determined in that phone conversation to write a song which would hopefully call the nation to prayer for our President. Thus, the song, "DEAR CAPTAIN," was born. However, it was not recorded until after 9-11 when our country was invaded by terrorists.

          Chel`e Sterban first recorded it on a project, also the song itself is currently viewed on GMT in a concept video. Then Horizon artists Three Bridges recorded it and it became their career song.






Lonely oval office...Pennsylvania Avenue...

Captain standing watching over red and white and blue...

Crowned in crowded solitude

A world awaiting what you do....

A nation bearing weight can make a shoulder stoop...

So, Captain, I will pray

I will pray for you....

Dear Captain, I will pray for you...





Did an angel tear fall somewhere near you yesterday,

When I didn't mention you as I knelt to pray...

And did the words I spoke of you - my own soul betray....

Did I give benevolence or only offer blame?

Did I leave you to the mercy of the mind of mortal man,

When I failed to ask the Father, guide your thoughts and hold your hand

Heaven has accused...and I must make amends....

Dear Captain, I will pray for you...





Today I (we) speak your name before the Father

Before the Father...Before the Father....

I (we) pray He'll be your wisdom, strength and shelter

May He light your way....cover you in grace

Bless and keep you till the end of days

Keep you till the end of days...





May we, the people, reunite across the USA...

Stand together once again in harmony and say...



Repeat Chorus





Today I speak your name before the Father...



Ron Burlingame/Lewis & Lewis/Chestnut Mound Music/BMI

615-325-3872 Fax 325-8735 E-mail: lewisandlewisrus@aol.com


2008 Lewis & Lewis